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History Teachers' Association of Latvia

The History Teachers' Association of Latvia (HTAL) is a non-governmental, non- profit, voluntary organization of history teachers and historians. The Association was established in 1992 by 13 members; the number of members has grown to 277. In March 1995 HTAL became a member of EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators.

Aims of HTAL include support to the development of history education; facilitation of the development and approbation of new methods of teaching and textbooks; contribution to history teachers' professional development and co-operation in international networks.

Members of HTAL meet twice a year: at the Summer Days in the end of July and the Annual Conference in the beginning of December. Participants of the Conference elect a board of three members.

HTAL has issued several sets of teaching material. Members of the Association share their experience on the website of the organization. Students with a special interest in history have a chance to take part in a competition “History around us” that is a part of Eustory initiative or in the annual “Olympics” of history which HTAL organizes in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Latvia.

The Association has a wide range of partners including other NGOs, museums, universities, state institutions and international networks like EUROCLIO and Eustory.

To gain additional information, please, contact Valdis Klišāns, chairman of the board at info@vsb.lv.