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Latvijas skolu komandas aicina piedalīties pilotprojektā par cilvēktiesībām un iekļaujošu skolas vidi

Publicēja 2015. gada 8. jūl. 01:39Danute Grīnfelde   [ atjaunināts 2015. gada 8. jūl. 01:43 ]
Apraksts un pieteikuma anketa pielikumā. 

A Regional Summer Academy for the Baltic schools will take place on 21-27 August in Tallinn.It will be open for participants from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This regional training is organised in cooperation with the Council of Europe, the European Wergeland Center, the Ministry of Education Estonia and the Estonian Institute for Human Rights (EIHR). 

In the context of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the link between history and human rights is particularly relevant. Sharing a common past, the three countries will benefit from a programme that helps their multicultural societies create spaces for dialogue and reinforce a culture of co‐operation. The Baltic Academy will follow the well-established Regional Summer Academy training model with the following key elements:
• Participants join in teams of four; a school head, a history teacher, an NGO or parent and local authority;
• Dissemination of CoE tools (in particlur the CoE Charter on EDC/ HRE) and materials;
• Training will combine online and offline components;
• Action plans/ local project for the defense and promotion of human rights, democracy and mutual understanding in schools and local communities;

Danute Grīnfelde,
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