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EUROCLIO aicina reģistrēties dalībai 2016. gada konferencei Ziemeļīrijā

Publicēja 2015. gada 7. jūl. 01:38Danute Grīnfelde   [ atjaunināts 2015. gada 8. jūl. 01:44 ]
Eiropas vēstures pasniedzēju asociācija EUROCLIO aicina pieteikties dalībai nākamā gada konferencē un tālākizglitības kursos Belfāstā, Ziemeļīrijā. Dalība konferencē ir personīgi un profesionāli bagātinoša pieredze, bet arī finansiāli dārga. 2015. gada konferencē VSB pārstāvēja Edgars Bērziņš; iesakām sazināties ar viņu, lai konusltētos, kā uzrakstīt veiksmīgu projekta pieteikumu, kas palīdzēs iegūt tik vērtīgu talākizglītības pieredzi. Lūdzam rakstīt Edgaram: edgars_berzins@inbox.lv.  



 Reimagining Remembrance    

 Dealing with the Legacy of a Violent Past in History and Heritage Education

 19-24 March 2016, BELFAST

NOW WITH Preliminary Programme


EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators is inviting you to register in the 23rd EUROCLIO Annual Conference Professional Development and Training Course on ‘Reimagining Remembrance. Dealing with the Legacy of a Violent Past in History and Heritage Education’ in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The conference will run from the 19th until the 24th of March 2016.


Educators from all over the world are invited to apply to participate in one of the most significant history education conferences in Europe.


2016 marks the centenary of two important events in Northern Ireland History, namely the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme. Both events have come to be seen as key moments in the history of both sides of a divided city. How these issues, amongst others, are taught can provide a number of obstacles for teachers to overcome.


How can we teach controversial history in a responsible manner?

The conference aims to explore this question through an active programme which will engage the participant in workshops, dialogue tables, open spaces, on-site study visits, public debates and reflective and interactive panels. The core group of teachers and heritage educators will be involved in activities that will empower them to engage their students and other target groups in critical debate from multiple perspectives. 

How to Register? 

§  Interested parties can register onlinehere

 §  Registration is open until 1 December 2015

 §  Click here to download the preliminary programme

 §  Click here to visit the conference webpage

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For queries, contact Aysel Gojayeva (aysel@euroclio.eu).