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Call for Core Team Members New Historiana Project

Publicēja 2014. gada 18. nov. 02:56Danute Grīnfelde   [ atjaunināts 2014. gada 18. nov. 03:08 ]
EUROCLIO is looking for history educators that are interested to join the project “Innovating History Education for All”. This project will run for 3 years (from 1 September 2014 until 31 August 2017). The main innovation within this project is the development of online tools that educators can use to create their own online learning activities. These applications are made specifically to stimulate the re-use of digital heritage in history education, and to promote historical and critical thinking skills. Educators can develop the online learning activities in the language of their choice. The project will result in at least 4 new tools. For an example of how such a tool looks see this video tutorial.

As a core team member you need to be an experienced history educator with an interest in the use of digital technologies. You have the possibility to test online learning activities in practice. You should be commitment to promote high-quality history education, and have a good level of English. Because the intention is to also involve the core team members in future trainings related to Historiana, it is important to be interested to train other educators as well.

The offer:
As a core team member you have a strong voice in the priority setting for the development of the online tools. The costs for participation to the meetings will be fully covered by the project. You will work with professional web-developers, and your contribution as core team member will be acknowledged in the products that are developed. You will be trained as a trainer for Historiana. As a follow up to the project, there will be additional opportunities offered for continued professional development.

The expectations:

As a core team member you are expected to:
  • Be available for the first core team meeting from 17-22 February in the Hague;
  • Participate actively in and prepare for the in total 5 core team meetings;
  • Develop and give feedback to the design of the tools in the various stages of development;
  • Develop and test exemplar applications of the tools;
  • Willing and able (after training) to act as a trainer for Historiana;
  • Remain involved as trainer for Historiana also after the project.
Application procedure:
If you are interested to apply, please send your CV, Letter of Motivation and Letter of Support from your school or association to Judith@euroclio.eu before 1 December 2014.
The selection will be based on motivation, experience, geographical balance, gender balance, and ability to contribute to piloting, training and development.