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EUROCLIO Call for applications for one Board Membership vacancy

Publicēja 2015. gada 15. marts 11:35Danute Grīnfelde   [ atjaunināts 2015. gada 15. marts 11:46 ]

The EUROCLIO Board and Secretariat are preparing the General Assembly for 2015, which will take place on 25th April 2015, in Elsinore, Denmark. The General Assembly is the annual event in the calendar in which representatives of Full and Associated Member Association meet to:

  • Review the results of the Association in 2014
  • Approve the plans for 2015
  • Vote on applications for membership of the Association
  • Vote on applications for the EUROCLIO Board and Audit Committee
  • Help to shape the Association's positions and policies

We would like to inform you of two important topics:
1. Candidacy for the EUROCLIO Board

2. Invitation to submit propositions for debate as Agenda Items.

1. Candidacy for 1 Board Member

In 2015 the Assembly will include elections for one new Board Member. Individuals are kindly invited to apply as new candidate for Board Membership. The Board has recently decided to enlarge the Board to 9 members. This is because we already can foresee a huge shift in experience when four Board Members will leave after their second and last term in Belfast in 2016. The temporarily enlarged Board will secure a balance in experience, going forward. For more information about the Board Responsibilities, please have a look at our statutes online at the following location: http://www.euroclio.eu/new/index.php/statutes

We kindly ask you to forward this Call to the members and/or networks of the Latvian History Teachers Association.  Applications should be received before March 23rd, by using the Board Candidacy Form here: http://www.euroclio.eu/new/index.php/news/1247-association/4300-euroclio-call-for-one-board-member-candidacy-deadline-23-march-2015

If you have any further questions regarding the EUROCLIO Board Membership, please feel free to contact the EUROCLIO President Sylvia Semmet sylviasemmet@web.de

2. Propositions for Debate

The Board is currently composing the agenda for the General Assembly of 2015, and would like to offer members the opportunity to propose their points of debate in the form of agenda items. Please submit these to EUROCLIO Deputy-Director Steven Stegers at steven@euroclio.eu before 23rd March 2015.

If you have any further questions regarding the General Assembly, please feel free to contact Sylvia Semmet (sylviasemmet@web.de) or Judith Geerling (judith@euroclio.eu).

On behalf of the EUROCLIO Board,

Jonathan Even-Zohar,
EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators
EUROCLIO Secretariat