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Pieejami Comenius un Gruntvig granti EUROCLIO semināram Spānijā

Publicēja 2013. gada 18. marts 23:23Danute Grīnfelde   [ atjaunināts 2013. gada 18. marts 23:43 ]
EUROCLIOEUROCLIO is inviting History, Heritage and Citizenship Educators to register in an exciting international training seminar in San Sebastian (Spain) taking place between 11-16 November 2013. European GRANTS are available.


The seminar titled as ‘Traces of the Past as Resources for Living together in the Present. Teaching Intercultural Citizenship through Historical Heritage and Memory’ offers an excellent opportunity to participate in an international professional development training course; engage in sharing new ideas on Teaching Intercultural Citizenship with your peer colleagues from different parts of the world and explore beautiful Basque Country.

Click on the following link to download the seminar programme:  http://www.euroclio.eu/new/attachments/article/3412/Draft%20programme%20International%20Training%20seminar%20San%20Sebastian%20nov%202013.pdf

Visit the following link for the seminar information in the website: http://www.euroclio.eu/new/index.php/work/international-training/1246-thematic-training-seminars/3412-save-the-date-for-new-euroclio-international-seminar-11-16-november-san-sebastian-spain


The seminar is registered in European Union Lifelong Learning Grants Comenius (For Educators in the Secondary Education) and Grundtvig (For Educators in the Adult Education) catalogue. Applicants can apply for one of these grants. Applicants need to contact their national agencies and submit grant applications to their national agencies.

Seminar codes are: For Comenius: NL-2013-346-001; For Grundtvig: NL-2013-347-001
Visit the following link for contacts of your national agency:  http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/national_en.htm#nl

DEADLINE for grant applications: 30 APRIL 2013. Grant applications submitted after 30 April 2013 will not be accepted by your national agencies.


If you are interested, e-mail Aysel Gojayeva (aysel@euroclio.eu) requesting to pre-register you.
Upon your request, you will be provided with online registration form, invitation letters and all other necessary documents required for your grant application.

Later this week, EUROCLIO will launch the wider registration for this new international training course with all information about the event programme, registration and grants. But now it is important to share this opportunity with all your members through e-mail, social media and phone.

We are looking forward to registrations from your network.
Thank you.

With kind regards,
European Association of History Educators
Aysel Gojayeva,
Secretariat, Project Manager (Junior)
Email: aysel@euroclio.eu
Website: www.euroclio.eu
Laan van Meerdervoort 70, 2517 AN The Hague, the Netherlands
+31 703817836 (tel), +31 70 3853669 (fax)