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Call for Registration - EUROCLIO's Regional Summer School in Montenegro

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History That Connects East and West

Call for Registration - EUROCLIO's Regional Summer School

EUROCLIO is proud and happy to announce our official Call for Participants for our Second Regional Summer School: History That Connects East and West: Learning Through Entangled Legacies in History Education and Cultural Heritage. This year our Summer School will take place in the beautiful country Montenegro near mount Lovćen from 12 until 17 July 2016. The Association of History Educators of Montenegro (HIPMONT) is co-organising the Summer School with us.

Each country has their own legacy of the past and when these legacies get entangled, teaching history becomes more and more difficult. However, taught correctly, multiple legacies can teach more than one and help to createmulti-perspectivity. Each day has a different theme and offers new elements to learn and inspire. The Programme tells us more about the "Eastern" and "Western" influence in the Balkan region and how we can learn from this past. Beyond this past we learn more about the Second World War, Holocaust and its remembrance in the region. On the final day the focus will be more on Recent History. How does this connect with the past and how to teach these sensitive and controversial topics? The Programme of the Summer School is set up in partnership with the Regional Cooperation Council, Council of Europe and UNESCO. Part of the regional participants are supported within the Educational Partnership for Advocacy, Capacity-building and Transformation project (ePACT). During the five days participants will learn through workshops, on-site study visits, peer learning and debating. Participants will improve their knowledge of cultures and get acquainted with new educational contents, services, methods and of course educators from different countries. We aim to inspire each other and develop together!

The Summer School Programme includes interesting workshops, on site study visits, airport pick-up, accommodation, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners. The fee of €395, - per person will cover all of this.

If you are thinking about joining our Summer School you can click here for more information and the draft programme or to register!

Please feel free to pass this message on to any contacts you feel may be interested in participating in this event.

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Click HERE for more information

Registration is open until 8 May 2016

For questions and queries contact:
Judith Geerling

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