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Vēstures un civilzinību skolotājus aicina piedalīties Igaunijas Vēsturiskās atmiņas institūta vasaras skolā

Publicēja 2018. gada 21. maijs 03:29Danute Grīnfelde   [ atjaunināts 2018. gada 21. maijs 03:32 ]
An international summer school on teaching about the crimes of totalitarian regimes for history and civics educators takes place on 23 – 27 July 2018 in Estonia. We invite all who are interested in this topic to participate!

The summer school aims to bring together educators (teachers, youth workers) from each EU country to discuss innovative methods for teaching about totalitarian ideologies and the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes.

The 5-day programme will feature excursions to museums and historical sites, a film screening, expert lectures, discussion rounds and workshops. The participants will be introduced to the historical case study and the legacies of the dual occupations of Estonia by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Against this background, the participants will contribute their knowledge on (teaching about) the two totalitarianisms and their crimes in the wider central and eastern European as well as pan-European contexts.

Participation in the summer university is free of charge. The Eesti Mälu Instituut / Estonian Institute of Historical Memory will cover all expenses in Estonia (accommodation, catering, transportation in Estonia). Participants are asked to cover their own travel expenses to and from Tallinn.

Register here: mnemosyne.ee/en/summer-school-2018The registration deadline is 15 June.

Contact Ms Eli Pilve for more information: eli.pilve@mnemosyne.ee