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Vita un Ginta par Igaunijas Vasaras dienām

Publicēja 2010. gada 19. aug. 03:50Danute Grīnfelde   [ atjaunināts 2010. gada 23. aug. 01:03 ]
Vita Upmale un Ginta Vītola šā gada 10.-12. augustā pārstāvēja VSB Igaunijas vēstures skolotāju vasaras dienās Pērnavā. Piedāvājam meiteņu sagatavotu ieskatu Vasaras dienu norisē.

Gintas un Vitas uzruna Igaunijas skolotājiem

Tervitame teid Lati ajalooopetajate poolt!

(Esiet sveicināti Latvijas vēstures skolotāju vārdā!)

Ladies and gentelmen!

Participants of Estonian history teacher’s summer days!

We are glad to be here as a LHT association representatives to take part in your summer days. The very idea of summer days got origins here, in Estonia, so, it is important for us that we have opportunity to get to know your expierence in history teaching.

Two weeks ago we had summers days in Latvia also. For this year our general subject was history and environment. The main emphasis we put on history around us. This year, if compare with previous year, we had more excursions not directly related with with history teaching, but feelds interested in environment, whose indirect connection with history makes teaching our subject (we mean-history) more interesting.

Impressions of LHT association summer days are still alive, so we are glad to this opportunity to get ideas, impressions of your association work, to get new moments, points to think also in the work of Latvian history teachers. And we will hope, that our participation will strengthen our relationships.

Thank you for attention!